CHIC Clone collection

Eggs from selected pathogen-free white Leghorn chickens were used as starting mate­rial for the produc­tion of epithe­lial chicken cell lines. Cells were isolated from the intestinal tract (intes­tine and cecum) of 18-day-old embry­onic chickens and subse­quently subjected to a specific proce­dure of growth factor treat­ment and limiting dilu­tion cloning.

As result we succeeded in isolating more than 240 indige­nous, contin­u­ously growing clones, which – according to micro­scopic clas­si­fi­ca­tion – repre­sent at least 5 different morpho­types. a number of 12 clones were further char­ac­ter­ized with special regard to their epithe­lial char­acter using biochem­ical and immuno­log­ical methods. CHIC clone 8E11 is the most promi­nent representative.

Appli­ca­tions of the CHIC Clone cells

  • Infec­tion and inhi­bi­tion (suscep­ti­bility) tests to Campy­lobacter and Salmo­nella strains
  • Expres­sion of recom­bi­nant proteins upon trans­fec­tion / infection
  • Produc­tion of viral parti­cles (e.g. influenza)

Buy a cell line

If you are inter­ested in a cell line, just write to us on our contact page. We will prepare an offer with controlled ship­ment of the product.


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